Former Spotlight - Molly Phipps (McDonnell)

Time for another Titleholder Update. Molly Phipps (McDonnell) was Miss Greater Des Moines 2016. Molly was from Clinton and was not sure about being a Des Moines titleholder, but think you see that she feels like she made the right decision. “During my year of service and preparation as Miss Greater Des Moines I didn’t realize I was also preparing for my future. My last post as Miss Greater Des Moines I wrote: “I walked away not regretting a single thing. I walked away knowing in my heart that I am a Miss Iowa. It wasn't the crown I needed, it was the change inside myself I needed. My board and I worked very hard at allowing myself to be comfortable being me.” These words could not be truer. There is no scale big enough to measure my gratitude for the Miss Greater Des Moines board, volunteers, and supporters. With their support I went through one of the larges growths in my life. I finally was comfortable being Molly. I had found my voice and confidence. Since my time as Miss Greater Des Moines; I have grown my career, married, and became a Mother. I could not be where I am without my experiences during my 12 years in the Miss America Organization. The public speaking and interview opportunities helped my career, my pageant sister (now sister in-law) introduced me to my husband, and my volunteer and mentor opportunities prepared me to be a caring mother. I owe a lot to this organization for helping prepare me for success and life after pageants. I encourage every young woman to compete in this organization because win or loose it will change your life for the better.”

Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary! January 11th, 2020 @ Drake Performing Arts Hall

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