Former Spotlight - Paige Grooms (Siegworth)

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Spotlight on a young woman who held TWO of our titles, both teen and Miss, Paige.

Paige says "I was Miss Greater Des Moines OT 2013 (2nd RU Miss Iowa OT) and Miss Metro 2018 (Top 10 Finalist). Since my reign as Miss Metro, I have started the next chapter of her life by trading in her Miss title for Mrs.. I recently graduated Victory Bible College and am excited to pursue a career in Ministry.

Pageants, and specifically the Miss Greater Des Moines Scholarship Program, were a key component in bringing me the confidence and speaking skills it takes to enter a career in ministry.

My two years as a GDM titleholder were both beyond amazing! My year as Miss GDM OT was a year of falling in love with pageants. The GDM board and their family members quickly became my family and encouraged me constantly to continue competing. My year as Miss Metro was a dream come true, and even more.

The Miss Greater Des Moines Board pushed me to dig deeper than ever before, they truly helped me be the best Paige I could be- on and off stage."

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